just print a dome-like-kind-of-structure with raw earth …

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WASP (Italy’s pioneering specialists in 3D printing) has completed the printing phase of the TECLA supporting structure, the first and unique fully 3D printed construction based on natural materials and made with multiple 3D printers operating at the same time. The innovative habitat model engineered by WASP and designed by MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects took form, a new circular model of housing entirely created with reusable and recyclable materials, sourced from local soil, carbon-neutral and adaptable to any climate and context.

A project by:

WASP: Engineering and 3D printing construction Mario Cucinella Architects: Architectural design and project management

In collaboration with: SOS – School of Sustainability: Research partner Mapei: Materials consultancy and supply Milan Ingegneria: Structural consultancy Capoferri: Frames engineering and production RiceHouse: Bio-materials consultancy and supply Frassinago: Landscaping Lucifero’s: Lighting design Ariatta: Energy and internal comfort consultancy Imola Legno: Timber solutions consultancy and supply Primat • Terracruda®: Earthen floor supply Cefla: Electrical solutions supply

Under the patronage of: Municipality of Massa Lombarda

Sponsored by: Ter Costruzioni

Notes to Editors


WASP – World’s Advanced Saving Project is Italy’s pioneering 3D Company founded by Massimo Moretti in 2012. Inspired by the Potter Wasp, WASP builds houses with natural materials, at a cost tending to zero. The company has been characterized by Delta WASP 3D printer adapted to all needs, from small to large dimensions, of which a whole line has been dedicated to the Industrial 4.0. Its goal is to bring real benefits to people through innovation and research.

In 2015 WASP presented the Big Delta WASP 12 meters, the largest printer in the world, with the aim of building a monolith housing module. In 2018 WASP launched Crane WASP, an innovative technology to print on site eco-districts at low environmental impact. Gaia has been the first 3D printed earthen house built by Crane WASP, glimpsing a new way for sustainable housing. In December 2018 the Financial Times included WASP among the Europe’s 100 Digital Champions.

Among WASP highlight projects are Gaia 2018, the first 3D printed earthen house; 3D printed Staircase wall in collaboration with IAAC; Conifera-COS and Teardrops at Burning Man 2018, both designed by Arthur Mamou-Mani; Trabeculae Pavilion in collaboration with Milan Polytechnic; the scenography for Fra Diavolo on stage at the Rome Opera House.

Mario Cucinella

Architects MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects is an established architectural firm with offices in Bologna and New York and an international team of 90 professionals including architects, engineers, graphic designers, model makers, and researchers. The firm was established in Paris in 1992 and opened its offices in Bologna in 1999. MC A has extensive experience in architectural design that combines environmental and energy efficiency strategies and relies on an R&D department that carries out research on sustainability with a holistic approach.

MC A is synonymous with top quality and professionalism in every step of the process, adopting a coordinated and multidisciplinary approach. An in-house team of BIM managers and coordinators ensures the implementation of BIM processes. MC A also boasts an in-house Interior Design and Industrial Design department.

Among MC A’s highlight projects (in Italy) are: Unipol Group Headquarters Tower, the new surgery and emergency unit for the San Raffaele Hospital, San Raffaele Hospital and Rovati Foundation Fondazione Rovati Etruscan Museum, all in Milan; WSR-Workshop Ricostruzione Emilia in Emilia Romagna, Italy and the new headquarters of the Rectorate of the Roma Tre University in Rome Italy; The firm has also projects in progress in Europe, China, Central Africa, Algeria and the Middle East: ViertelZwei in Wien, Austria, two mixed-use buildings in Albania and the new headquarters for the Algerian Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications in Algiers.

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